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Try the developer beta and build for AliceOS.


Download the developer beta.

Ready to try the developer beta for AliceOS Prospect Park? Get started with the latest release today and try out the beta.

Get started

Getting started with AliceOS Prospect Park couldn't be easier. Just download the version for your Ren'Py SDK and drag it into your visual novel project's game folder.

Note: AliceOS Prospect Park is pre-release software. Features and improvements are not in their complete state and may change over time. Do not install AliceOS Prospect Park on a production-ready visual novel project.

More information on what's changed can be found in AliceOS's release notes.

Migrating from AliceOS 1.0.0?

Remove the Applets, CoreServices, Frameworks, and Resources directories before installing AliceOS Prospect Park Beta. You may also need to modify any existing code inside your project to the proper methods and classes in the new beta before continuing.

Note: Back up your project before starting the upgrade process to AliceOS Prospect Park. The installation and usage methods have greatly changed and may not work for you if the upgrade fails.

Finished downloading AliceOS?