Meet your new Ren'Py framework

AliceOS brings new features and experiences to any Ren'Py project. From giving users notifications to its extensibility with Applets, AliceOS makes any visual novel more exciting and enriching for its players and developers.

Pick an applet. Any applet.

AliceOS is extensible by nature with Applets, custom extensions and apps for the AliceOS ecosystem. Whether you're playing music, sending messages to your crush, or writing the next script, Applets make it happen.


Rich notifications

AliceOS comes with its own notification framework that allows developers and users to stay informed. Applets and system services alike use notifications to express ideas, display information, or even make a request. Notifications are also user-controlled, giving the user ultimate control over which notifications can be seen.

You're in control

Privacy and security matter. That's why AliceOS comes with its own security policy, SEAlice. Applets can only access your files and system when you allow it to, and developers can add additional privacy and security settings for a more secure experience.

Permission Dialog

Unique, but familiar

AliceOS provides a familiar experience across projects and games. Want something a little less vanilla? Developers can customize AliceOS through fonts and colors or redesign UI elements entirely!R

Setup assistant
Custom wallpapers

An exciting desktop experience

BinG Desktop provides a faster way of accessing your Applets in AliceOS projects. Developed by the AliceOS team, BinG makes for a quick and fun experience.

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BinG desktop

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AliceOS is a framework that is not associated with Joey Drew Studios and is not an official Bendy and the Ink Machine product.

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