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Download AliceOS Prospect Park.

Ready to try AliceOS Prospect Park? Get started with the latest release today and try it out in your visual novel. Just download the version for your Ren'Py SDK and drag it into your visual novel project's game folder.

Migrating from AliceOS Prospect Park Developer Beta?

Upgrading couldn't get any easier. Simply download the AliceOS package and replace the RPA file from the old beta with the new release.

Migrating from AliceOS 1.0.0?

Remove the Applets, CoreServices, Frameworks, and Resources directories before installing AliceOS Prospect Park Beta. You may also need to modify any existing code inside your project to the proper methods and classes in the new beta before continuing.

Note: AliceOS Prospect Park is a major overhaul of the AliceOS framework and contains breaking changes against older versions of AliceOS. Read the documentation fully and back up your project before starting the upgrade process to AliceOS Prospect Park.

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